Research Stay of Niklas Wolff

  Visiting period: 29.9.2017 – 27.10.2017 (4 weeks)
Visiting institution: University of Oregon, Eugene
Visiting scientists: Prof. Dr. David C. Johnson


Beginning of fall, I had the unique opportunity to visit Prof. Dave Johnson at the University of Oregon (UO) and the CAMCOR analytic laboratories for a research stay on behalf of project A6 within the CRC1261. The laboratories are equipped with two FEI dual-beam focused ion beam (FIB) scanning electron microscopes for performing advanced sample preparation necessary for a nano-structural analysis with the transmission electron microscope.

My personal aim of this research stay was to learn the FIB preparation method to do my own sample preparation and use the image corrected microscope for analysing magnetostrictive ultra-thin multilayer coatings of FeCo and TiN. These materials system is able to withstand higher temperatures up to 600°C and has a significant magnetostriction, which offers potential use as ferromagnetic layer for different sensor designs within the CRC. 

Although my colleagues told me to be quite fast in learning the FIB technique, for me, all the drawbacks and failed preparation issues did darken my mood. Luckily, the sunny weather did all his best for me to resettle and the game and bingo nights with the colleagues to recover. In the end I did achieve all my aims to prepare and analyse a multilayer sample repaying for the days of struggle.

As part of the group of Dave and the CAMCOR facility I was lucky to get insight into various fields of research done at the UO and to re-establish ties in form of cooperation. 

In conclusion, I really enjoyed my stay at the UO, the time at work in a multicultural and very friendly atmosphere and my time off enjoying the beautiful landscape of Oregon, the local football events and social evenings.

I am deeply grateful for this unique opportunity and experience in support by the IRTG program.

The funding for this research stay by the DFG is gratefully acknowledged within the CRC 1261.




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